Disability Employment in the Energy Sector

Enhancing disability Employment in the Energy Sector


There are about 4.2 million Tanzanians living with a disability. People with a disability are often among the poorest and most discriminated and stigmatized in the society. Despite representing large part of the population, people with disabilities are largely invisible and live in extremely poverty.

There is more to see on disabled people besides their disabilities. And instead of only seeing them as a nuisance, dependent and worthy of pity, we should effectively empower them and support them by giving them employment opportunities so that they can also make a valuable contribution to the society and leading a fulfilling life for themselves.

Disabled people with extraordinary talents succeed and contribute to the world economy every day. “Imagine the world of science without Professor Stephen Hawking!”


Realizing contribution of energy sector for human development and economic advancement among women with disabilities, USAID through East Africa Power Program and Tanzania Women in Energy Development established a project that create a employment pipeline in the energy sector among young women with disability in Tanzania. The program was built on 3Es.


Throughout workshop young women were offered toiled training related to employability skills, internship and job placement. The workshop was designed to empower young women to learn about their strengths, interests, skills and special needs to develop realistic goals for employment and gain the skills they need to become participating members of their communities.


Nothing empowers woman than knowledge about her rights, her strength and available opportunities. Self advocacy and Reasonable accommodation training were offered to young women to expose them to their basic rights, and what they can ask at professional settings and what's not. The goal was to give them voice they need to overcome challenges they face as persons with disabilities in Tanzania.


Tanzania Women in Energy believes that a true independent can be achieved through economic empowerment, that the reason we advocacy for employment. There is a lot, a woman can do in the energy sector as a business person, from technician level, sales person or even an entrepreneur. The empowered women were connected to solar companies as sales persons and business women to complete the empowerment journey a path towards economic empowerment.


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Engr Rehema Mahundi is the secretary of Tanzania Women in Energy Development, and Petroleum Engineer professional

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