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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In celebration of the World Disability Day, the Power Africa East Africa Energy Program is proud of its support to Tanzania Women in Energy Development, which designed and implemented disability employment pipeline among young women with disabilities in the energy sector, Tanzania. "Leave No One Behind" aims at empowering women with disability to participate in energy business through educating, empowering and enabling approach. This project serves as a pilot for other stakeholders to learn and contextualize disability employment in their business. Below are powered voices and platforms.

Energizing Platforms

Tanzania Women in Energy Sector

Tanzania Women in Energy Sector champions gender inclusion in the energy sector in Tanzania. In promoting diversity and inclusion within the energy sector, Tanzania Women in energy established a project called "Leave No One Behind" to ensure all women are included in the energy business.

"Leave No One Behind" aims at creating employment pipeline for women in the energy sector by offering employability skills, business skills and further connecting the women with energy business (suppliers). Finally, enhancing the visibility of business owned by women to clients. Learn More about Leave no One Behind!

EmployAble Africa

EmployAble Africa is an innovative and inclusive online platform designed to support

inclusive economic empowerment in Africa by using data and technology. Employable Africa support disability employment in Energy Tanzania through offering employability skills, disability consultancy, corporate consulting on disability inclusion, disability auditing and assisting technologies for deaf, hard hearing during recruitment, seminars, workshops and classroom. Learn more about their work!

AG Energies Co. LTD

Ag Energies is famous for its high quality solar water heaters, water pumps, panel, batteries, inverters, security and street lights. While improving lives and protecting environment, AG Energies is not left behind in championing disability inclusion in the Tanzania energy sector. AG Energies collaborated with Tanzania Women in Energy Sector to enhance women

participation in the energy sector through offering renewable energy trainings and support women economic empowerment through offering women with disability loans as solar equipment and hire women with disability in supply and distribution chain. Lean More!

ENERGIZING VOICES >> Meet our Trainers!

Mr Serapius Mdamu.

He is a legal consultant, lawyer and advocates with a vast experience of 25+ years in the law field. While he practices law, he also has significant experience with matters related to

PWDs, particularly, providing them with legal aid and consultations. Mr Mdamu is a visiting lecturer with demonstrated 7 years of experience in teaching law. Core values Hard work, integrity, honesty, diversity. He is vision impaired

Mr Raphael Mbiiji:

Raphael Mbiiji is a renowned tutor, researcher, consultant, founder and Assistant Director of

Organization for promoting disability rights and inclusion (OPDRI). He owns a registered private consulting firm namely Fulbright Business Logistics.

Through his firm, he offers training, research and consultancy in the areas of business planning and applied entrepreneurship, project management, CSOs management, project and research proposals writing to mention but a few. He commenced the mentioned services in early 2005, with a vision to enhance individuals and entities to discover periods of excellence and achievement in their endeavours. His clientele over those working years is made up of individuals, NGOs, CBOs, MSMEs, Religious institutions, Social groups, SACCOS, Students, Individuals, Academic institutions Government departments located from various areas of Tanzania. From the beginning, Mr Mbiiji through his firm sets out to provide his customers with excellence and integrity in training, research and consultancy services. This excellence and integrity in service provision became the vehicle for his service growth and is still the guiding principle that motivates him and the firm.

Ms Bijal Lal.

Bijal Lal is the Special Needs Teacher and Transition Expert at the Almuntazir Special

Education Needs School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She teaches independent living and transition skills to adolescents and young adults with disabilities and helps youth identify employment options that they can seek after their schooling.

She is a champion for both inclusive education and employment, has helped pioneer a new inclusion program at her school that enabled students with disabilities to enter higher mainstream inclusive classes for the first time. She has also taken leadership roles in raising awareness about autism and IDD in her community and striven to create inclusive opportunities around her.

Ms Shamsa Akukwetu:

Shamsa is a business development manager at Ag energies Co.LTD, co-founder of Tanzania Women in Energy development and alumni from Young Women in Power by Power Africa in 2019.

Shamsa shared a massive experience is solar energy business, online marketing and she has been acting as an important link to create and sustain the business relationship between women with disabilities and solar companies for business start-ups. She will be offering business mentorship for the established businesses.

MEET OUR TRAINEES >> Buy from young Women

"Leave No One Behind" has empowered ten women in employability skills, self-advocacy and entrepreneurship, and further connect them to the solar company, AG Energies Co.LTD for equipment loans, sales and distribution job opportunities. The following are ten women empowered:

Name: Salma Omary

AGE: 28 Yrs

Product: Pressure water heater

Location: Yombo Dovya

Name: Halima Yusuph

Age: 28 Yrs

Product:Street lights

Location: Yombo Dovya

Name: Sophia Kassim Abbas

Age: 25 Yrs

Product: Solar home system

Location: Yombo Dovya

Name: Shakira Salum

Age: 20 Yrs

Product: Solar PV System

Name: Pendo John Mbena

Age: 28 Yrs

Product: 15' TV Bundle

Location: Yombo Dovya

Name: Loveness Charles Mbena

Age: 25 Yrs

Product: 200 Watts Solar pv System

Phone: +255 788330880

Location: Yombo Dovya

Name: Agnes Amos

Age: 23 Yrs

Product: Solar home systems

Phone: +255 676727920

Location: Kimara

Name: Tracey Serapius Mdamu

Age: 24 Yrs

Product: Solar Panels

Phone: +255 693466040

Location: Kibamba

Name: Zulfa Seleman

Age: 23 Yrs

Product: Water Pumps

Location: Kibamba

Name: Dora Osmund

Age: 28 Yrs

Product: Water Pumps

Location: Kibamba

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